Download Clash of Clans for PC Without Bluestacks

If you really want to play a complete touch based strategy game which is even listed among Top 10 games of this category then I recommend you to try Clash of Clans which is available on Google play and iTunes app stores. You can start playing this game on compatible Android or iOS devices and in other case, you can even play it on computer. I’ll let you know how to download Clash of Clans for PC by following a simple tutorial.

This is the game which you all must be playing if you really love playing strategy game and it got all the reasons and features to make you feel addicted with. This is available for free and you’re definitely going to get addicted. But don’t expect this game to be very easy to remember, you need to harvest lots of time in learning how to play this game and mastering it will require further efforts.

In this guide over here you’re going to find the installation process to follow and later I’ll let you know features of this game. You can go through both parts to do installation and also to know what this game all about in reality. So this is a complete guide coming at your end and if you find it totally worth then you can praise our work by sharing it with social networks.Clash of Clans

Steps to Download Clash of Clans for PC Guide

To install this game on your computer you need not to worry about a lot of thing. Simply install an Android emulator (not BlueStacks) and if its already there then you can use the same to install this game on your computer.

I recommend using Andy Android emulator software which is available for free download and easy to install. Once its installed then you can use the same software to download and install Clash of Clans on PC. The process of installation of game via Andy is automatic.

I had shared a complete guide here which you can have a look at and you’ll find there details like how to download Andy, how to install it and how to use it to download and install Android games like Clash of Clans on PC. Using Andy is just like using an Android tablet so you won’t find any new thing.

So head over to that guide and you’ll find all the help you needed there. Simply make sure that you follow everything just like you see there and in case if you face any issues then let me know them via comment section so that I can sort the problem out as soon as I can.Clash of Clans for PC

About Clash of Clans game

Its among top 10 strategy games and it got lots of quality elements which you’ll get addicted with.

It got deadly weapons, warriors, enemies and different units and you need to use them all well according to a strategy.

You need to train your units and units so that they can help you win taste during each battle with your enemies.

There are endless resources in the game available which can be used during the battle field.

Another task to accomplish within is to create your own kingdom using different resources, keep it upgraded and also protect it from attacks.